The shipment will take place by GLS express courier.

1-2 days of order processing are needed.

2 days for delivery.

In case of product return, only if no customizations have been made to the products ordered.

The first return will be free, the subsequent returns paid by the customer.



ASCOT makes shipments all over the world!

The expected delivery times are from 5 to 6 working days (depends on the country).

The shipping costs in countries for orders over € 250 free otherwise the cost will be: € 40

Returns are paid at 50%: the customer will pay the outward shipment and ASCOT the return shipment.

For more information:

Tel .: +39 081 551 2927







Shipping policy

ASCOT offers shipping on all products and to all countries that are selectable when indicating the shipping address.

To which countries do you ship?

ASCOT offers shipping on all products and to all countries that are selectable

Where can I find the status of my order?

As soon as the order is shipped, you will receive an email with the data for tracking the shipment. The expected delivery times, as indicated in the advertisement, are indicated in "working days", therefore weekends and national holidays should not be taken into consideration.

Can I collect the ordered product from ASCOT stores or offices?

Yes, it is possible. We have two sales points in Naples where you can pick up the order:
1) via Toledo, 149
2) via Chiaia, 72


The buyer assumes responsibility for entering a correct delivery address. Should something go wrong with the shipment of an order due to a delivery address erroneously communicated by the buyer, ASCOT declines as of now any responsibility for any loss (partial) of the shipment. In the event that ASCOT needs further information relating to a specific delivery address, the buyer can be contacted by ASCOT with a request to provide further information. If additional information regarding the delivery address is required, a delay in delivery may occur.

ASCOT will make every reasonable effort to deliver the ordered product to the indicated delivery address within the expected delivery terms.

If a specific delivery is delayed or if it is not possible to carry it out or only partially carry it out, the buyer will be informed of this eventuality as soon as reasonably possible after placing the order. In this case, the buyer will have the right to withdraw from the contract without any charge.

In the event that the buyer receives a product that he has not ordered, he must notify ASCOT as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving the order) via e-mail (or via the contact page of the Site) . In this case, the buyer will carry out the shipment for the return of the product after having received specific instructions from ASCOT, which will pay the shipping costs and who will subsequently send the correct product to the buyer, provided that this the latter has scrupulously followed the instructions provided by ASCOT to make the return.

In the event that a product delivered to the buyer is damaged or incomplete, the buyer will be required to notify ASCOT customer service as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving the order)

ASCOT will decide how to solve the problem. The customer must always inform ASCOT in the case mentioned above and wait for ASCOT customer service to provide him with instructions on what to do.

In the event that an order shipped or about to be shipped by ASCOT to the buyer is lost or is missing or if the buyer claims to have never received the ordered goods (despite the shipment tracking data or the information in the possession of the carrier proves otherwise), a complaint procedure will be initiated with the carrier. Before obtaining any refund or making a new shipment, it will be necessary to wait for the result of the procedure in question. The buyer will have to cooperate fully until the complaint is closed with the carrier. If a shipment has been lost due to an error attributable to the carrier (and once the complaint procedure has been completed with the latter), ASCOT will reimburse the customer or try to return the ordered product.

If a shipment is not delivered to the buyer's address (or at the pick-up point) within 14 days from the date of shipment, the buyer will be obliged to notify ASCOT customer service via e-mail within 14 days (therefore , no later than 28 days from the date of shipment).

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